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Learn Together Lowcountry – Grace Coastal Church

Learn Together Lowcountry

 LTL engages parents, volunteers, and students in providing biblically-based educational programs to their families and communities.

Learn Together Lowcountry is a volunteer-run group project targeting the needs of homeschool families. Parents work together to create a hands-on learning environment in order to provide options that are group or expertise oriented. Attendees meet on twelve Fridays each fall and spring.

The program offers classes, workshops, nursery, playtime opportunities, bible instruction, and events for all ages. Leaders assist families with teaching children young and preparing them for life.

At Learn Together Lowcountry you will find community.


This ministry is built on an understanding that families choose homeshooling to cater to specific family needs. The program offers:

  • Quality instruction: teachers have the expertise or special education in the field they are teaching.
  • Biblical perspective: concepts are taught and questions are answered from a biblical perspective.
  • Safe environment: policies and background checks help ensure a safe place for students.
  • Affordable choices: free and affordable options for classes and events are offered with zero registration fees. Regular classes are available for less than an average of $7 per week.
  • Anytime opportunities: if a family is unable to join weekly for any reason, there are options for part-time participation including workshops, events, bible class, and physical education.

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Pray for the program leaders, parents, volunteers, and students.
  • Donate supplies or funds to keep registration free and classes at a low price.
  • Donate NIrV Bibles for students who do not own a Bible.
  • Donate snacks. Kids are always hungry!
  • Donate time. There is a constant need for volunteers to sit and observe in classrooms to meet the two-deep policy. Tutors are also in high demand.

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