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Lifegroups – Grace Coastal Church


When the word “church” is used in our culture we immediately associate it with Sunday services. On Sunday we go to “church” to meet with God. We also see in the book of Acts, chapter 3, the early church was involved in so much more. Beyond worship, they ate together, fellowshipped, and prayed as a collective group. Their “church” was so much more than a few hours on Sunday morning. It was a community.

We invite those looking for a faith community in Jesus Christ to participate in a lifegroup. Currently, Grace Coastal Church sponsors nine groups in the Greater Bluffton area. They are located throughout the area, meeting on different days and times. The list below gives meeting dates and times of the nine groups.

Lifegroups meet in a home and often share the leadership among the group. We emphasize fellowship and prayer at all of our meetings. The best way to love one another is to know one another.

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