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Operation Christmas Child (OCC) – Grace Coastal Church

Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Grace Coastal Church takes part in Operation Christmas Child.


     Thank you all for your help with this year’s Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoeboxes. They will be delivered on Monday.  
       You can still create an online shoebox through Nov. 23 by going to, Grace Coastal Church’s online OCC site.  

       A special “Thank You” to this year’s OCC team: Jacquie & Jim Durkin, GCC’s Youth Group, Kathy Hall, Jeanne Kelling, Pastor John Ring, and Carolyn & Steve Weber. 
       We will let you know in the next few weeks how many shoeboxes (traditional and online) were delivered.  Thank you again!

What is Operation Christmas Child?
It is a project of Samaritan’s Purse in which many churches and individuals participate, including Grace Coastal Church. It is designed to give children in need a tangible expression of God’s love through a gift-filled shoebox. For
many, this is the first gift they have ever received. After the shoeboxes are packed and shipped overseas, local believers share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children as they distribute them. Families are reached. New churches are started. Communities are transformed.

Packing a traditional OCC shoebox?
1) Pick up a shoebox from the narthex.
2) Decide whether you will pack a box for a girl or a boy, and the age category: 2–4, 5–9, or 10–14.
3) Fill your box with a “wow” item such as a soccer ball with pump or stuffed animal, along with other fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies. We have a list of items you may want to consider. Let us know if you would like us to email you a copy. *Items not to include: candy or any other food; seeds; toothpaste, liquids or lotions; medications or vitamins; aerosol cans, war-related items such as toy guns, knives, or military figures; breakable, used, or damaged items
4) Most importantly, pray for the child who will receive your gift.
5) (Optional) Include a personal note and photo.
6) Donate $9 online per shoebox. Receive a label to “Follow Your Box” ( and discover the destination of your shoebox gift.
7) As you checkout, print your unique label or save it to your computer. A receipt with your label will also be sent to your email address. Take care not to cover the barcode with tape or damage it in any way as this can affect
scanning. If your label is ripped or separated from the shoebox in the packing process, it may prevent OCC from letting you know where your gift will be delivered to a child in need. The email receipt containing your
label will provide a link to your “Look-Up Tool” (
8) Please place a rubber band around your box.
9) Bring your shoebox(es) to GCC by Sunday, November 8.

Packing an online shoebox?
1) Go to Grace Coastal Church’s personal online shoebox building page:
2) Click “Start Building”. (If you want Samaritan’s Purse to choose the child’s gender and age, click “Build It For Me”). If you want to build it yourself, decide whether you will pack a box for a girl or a boy, and the age
category: 2–4, 5–9, or 10–14. Select your gifts. (Optional) Include a photo and type a message.
3) Checkout. Cost is $31 ($25 for gifts and $6 towards The Greatest Journey.) Payment is by credit card.
4) Most importantly, pray for the child who will receive your gift.

1) Remain after the service for a brief overview meeting. Additional information will be provided.
2) Meet with team members by the OCC table in the narthex.
3) Email Carolyn Weber at
4) Speak with a team member: Jacquie & Jim Durkin, Jeanne Kelling, Pastor John Ring, Carolyn & Steve Weber

Thank you for your help.